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Trends in arthropods of alpine aquatic ecosystems
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Edited by Jean-Luc Gattolliat and David Muranyi

Aquatic ecosystems and especially running waters are considered to be the most impacted ecosystems on the planet. Moreover, aquatic invertebrates are key indicators of global or local changes. Furthermore, many aquatic ecosystems are closely linked to mountains because they originate in them. Many valuable unpublished data sets on aquatic arthropod fauna may therefore be available from mountainous regions.

Year after year, you might have accumulated data and knowledge on mountainous aquatic arthropods; Alpine Entomology now invites you to submit your manuscript(s) based on already available data with clear evidence for changes/trends in aquatic arthropods (even in cases where your sampling design was initially not conceived for this goal).

With this topical collection, we aim to provide an opportunity for scientists to publish research articles or short notices on trends and/or changes in biogeography, species community, distribution, behavior, or morphology of aquatic arthropods from mountainous regions.

Article processing charges:
•    Invited authors will be granted a fee waiver.
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•    this topical collection is open from now for a duration of about 2 years.

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