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Permanent collection
Impacts of alien insects in the Alpine ecosystem
Edited by Oliver Martin, Stève Breitenmoser, Dominique Mazzi

Recent years have seen a worldwide increase in invasions by alien species, especially plants and insects, mostly due to trade and climate change. In Switzerland and in Europe, these invasive insects cause multiple problems of a sanitary nature (e.g. tiger mosquitoes as a vector of multiple diseases) ...

Papers published: 2   |  Total pages: 18
Permanent collection
Trends in arthropods of alpine aquatic ecosystems
Edited by Jean-Luc Gattolliat and David Muranyi

Aquatic ecosystems and especially running waters are considered to be the most impacted ecosystems on the planet. Moreover, aquatic invertebrates are key indicators of global or local changes. Furthermore, many aquatic ecosystems are closely linked to mountains because they originate in them. Many v ...

Papers published: 5   |  Total pages: 96

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