Results of the Ensemble of Small Models (ESMs) ordered by increasing median of max True Skills Statistics (maxTSS), calibrated (A) at the Swiss scale (46 species treated) and (B) at the Regional scale (23 species treated). The boxplots are colored according to the nesting behavior of the species (N – Non-nesters, P – Paracoprids, H – Hydrophilidae [predatory larvae, no nesting]). All the model projections are presented in Suppl. material 1: Fig. S1 and all the species are illustrated in Suppl. material 3: Fig. S3.

  Part of: Cosandey V, Broennimann O, Guisan A (2022) Modeling the distribution of coprophagous beetle species in the Western Swiss Alps. Alpine Entomology 6: 25-38.