Zoophthora giardii. 1. Infected male fixed with rhizoids on a leaf. 2. Infected female. Rhizoids between insect body and leaf are visible. 3. Cadaver from the ventral side showing the layer of rhizoids. 4. Compound rhizoids (LPCB). 5. Branched conidiophores (LPCB). 6. Primary conidia, two with capillary tube (LPCB). 7. Type II secondary conidia or capilliconidia with capillary tubes and remnants of primary conidia (LPCB).

  Part of: Keller S (2022)  Zoophthora giardii Bałazy and Conidiobolus gustafssonii Bałazy (Fungi, Entomophthorales), two entomopathogens new for Switzerland. Alpine Entomology 6: 19-23. https://doi.org/10.3897/alpento.6.83182