Various mating positions, and orthandrous attachment, of the Ichneumonidae A Cryptinae sp. exhibiting a common mating stance. Female – left, male – right. Image Credit: Katja Schulz; B Copulation in Syrphoctonus tarsatorius (Diplazontinae), with the male antennae coiled round those of the female (ventral view, taken from video sequence in Steiner et al. 2010); C Anomaloninae sp. exhibiting a common mating stance. Male – left, female – right. Image Credit: Muhammad Mahdi Kahrim; D Rhyssa persuasoria (Rhyssinae) mating pair. The significantly smaller male (right) is seen clinging to female’s metasoma (left). The pair is not yet engaged in copulation. Image Credit: Reto Burri; E Enicospilus sp. (Ophioninae) in copula. Male – right, female – left. Image credit: Len van der Waag.

  Part of: Shaw MR, Giannotta M, Herrera-Flórez AF, Klopfstein S (2021) Two males, one female: triplet-style mating behaviour in the Darwin wasp Xorides ater (Gravenhorst, 1829) (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Xoridinae) in the Swiss Alps. Alpine Entomology 5: 15-22.