Best and second-best diagnostic ratios by linear discriminant analysis (LDA) ratio extractor for separating groups: A, in Nebria (Pseudonebriola) tsambagarav sp. nov. and the two other species of the Mongolian Altai N. (P.) medvedevi Shilenkov, 1982 and N. (P.) kerzhneri Shilenkov, 1982 (= ker+med); B, in N. (P.) tsambagarav sp. nov. as a member of the kerzhneri species group and N. (P.) kaszabi Shilenkov, 1982 as a member of the sajanica species group of the Kazakhstan and Russian Altai.

  Part of: Huber C, Schnitter PH (2020) Nebria (Pseudonebriola) tsambagarav sp. nov., a new alpine species from the Mongolian Altai (Coleoptera, Carabidae). Alpine Entomology 4: 29-38.