Pseudoalaocybites chimborazoi sp. nov., holotype. 1. habitus dorsal. 2. rostrum with antenna, dorsal view. 3. ditto ventral view. 4. fore margin of pronotum, head, rostrum and antennae in lateral view, arrow indicates the single yellow ocellum. 5. elytra in lateral view, arrow indicates shortened 9th striae. 6. right fore leg, dorsal view. 7. right hind leg, ventro-lateral view. 8. underside, arrow indicates free last three ventrites (ventrites 4 and 5 digitally re-mounted, as taken away for dissection). 9. spermatheca. 10. vulva with ovipositor. 11. spiculum ventrale.

  Part of: Germann C (2020) The first discovery of the genus Pseudoalaocybites Osella, 1980 from Ecuador, with a description of a new species in an alpine ecosystem (Coleoptera, Curculionidae: Molytinae). Alpine Entomology 4: 23-27.