Location of the sampling stations in the Grande Cariçaie nature reserves, on the south eastern shore of Lake Neuchâtel. We sampled seven reserves in 2018 (delimited in brown polygons): 1) Grèves de Cheseaux, 2) Baie d’Yvonand, 3) Cheyres, 4) Grèves de la Corbière et de Chevroux, 5) Grèves d’Ostende et de Chevroux, 6) Grèves de la Motte and 7) Cudrefin. The orange points represent the sampled stations (N = 101 stations). Background picture obtained from the Swiss Federal Office of Topography swisstopo.

  Part of: Knoblauch A, Gander A (2019) Distribution of a residual population of the Dytiscid Graphoderus bilineatus (de Geer, 1774) in the Grande Cariçaie nature reserves, Switzerland. Alpine Entomology 3: 83-91. https://doi.org/10.3897/alpento.3.30417