Hoplitis robusta. 6) X-ray of nest branch with nest 1 (left) and nest 2 (right). 7, 8) Nest seal of nest 1 (left) and nest 2 (right) consisting of leaf pulp. 9, 10) Dissected nest 1 with six brood cells (left) and nest 2 with five brood cells (right) in L-shaped pupation tunnels of cerambycid beetles. 11) Close-up view of brood cells in nest 1. 12, 13) Nest plug of nest 1 (left) and nest 2 (right), each consisting of several successive partitions of leaf pulp.

  Part of: Müller A, Richter H (2018) Dual function of Potentilla (Rosaceae) in the life history of the rare boreoalpine osmiine bee Hoplitis (Formicapis) robusta (Hymenoptera, Megachilidae). Alpine Entomology 2: 139-147. https://doi.org/10.3897/alpento.2.30158