Number of individuals of seven common sepsid species as a function of dung age (in hours (h)). While S. cynipsea, flavimana and orthocnemis are disproportionally often observed on fresh dung, S. duplicata and Saltella sphondylii gain in relative abundance over time. (Note the different scaling of the y-axes; data from Püchel 1993; S. duplicata data only qualitative.)

  Part of: Rohner PT, Haenni J-P, Giesen A, Busso JP, Schäfer MA, Püchel-Wieling F-W, Blanckenhorn WU (2019) Temporal niche partitioning of Swiss black scavenger flies in relation to season and substrate age (Diptera, Sepsidae). Alpine Entomology 3: 1-10.