Seasonal patterns of species diversity, expressed by the first three Hill indices, for sepsid communities captured by sweep netting on cow pastures, dung piles or Malaise capturing in a peat bog. 0D equals species richness, 1D represents the exponential Shannon entropy (evenness) that can be interpreted as the number of typical species, while 2D resembles the reciprocal form of the Gini-Simpson Index that relates to the number of highly abundant species. We only plotted samples with 20 or more individuals (all years combined). The size of the points is proportional to the number of individuals present in the sample.

  Part of: Rohner PT, Haenni J-P, Giesen A, Busso JP, Schäfer MA, Püchel-Wieling F-W, Blanckenhorn WU (2019) Temporal niche partitioning of Swiss black scavenger flies in relation to season and substrate age (Diptera, Sepsidae). Alpine Entomology 3: 1-10.