Male adult of Chaetocladius macunensis sp. n.: 45, palpomeres 2–3; 46, last flagellomere and the two preceding segments; 47, clypeus; 48, head, thorax and first abdominal segment; 49, antepronotum, left side; 50, tarsomeres 2–4 of PIII; 51, anal point and tergite IX in lateral view; 52–53, hypopygium, dorsal (52) and ventral with anal point and tergite IX removed (53); 54, virga; 55, left gonostylus, dorsal; 56, right gonostylus, lateral; 57, anal point, gonocoxite and gonostylus in lateral view.

  Part of: Moubayed-Breil J, Lods-Crozet B (2018) On the genus Chaetocladius s. str. Kieffer, 1911 from Switzerland with descriptions of five new relic species occurring in glacial alpine springs and streams (Diptera, Chironomidae). Alpine Entomology 2: 15-34.