1. Nebria brevicollis at an early stage of fungus sporulation. At this stage the beetle is still able to move it’s legs and antennae (nat. length of the beetle about 13 mm). 2. Beetle with fully sporulating fungus showing the extremely swollen abdomen. The strong cystidia are clearly visible at the edge of the fungus mass. 3. At the end of the sporulating period the mycelium turns yellowish (Photos: T. Hülsewig).

  Part of: Keller S, Hülsewig T (2018) Amended description and new combination for Entomophthora nebriae Raunkiaer, (1893), a little known entomopathogenic fungus attacking the ground beetle Nebria brevicollis (Fabricius, 1792). Alpine Entomology 2: 1-5. https://doi.org/10.3897/alpento.2.22136