Records of Aradus angularis J. Sahlberg, 1886 (blue, n=46) and Quilnus marcosi Heiss & Baena, 2006 (red, n=7) in Europe, and new records of both species in Switzerland (star). Data are based on Heiss and Péricart (2007), Brustel (2009), Heiss (2010), Esser (Mallorca, unpubl., leg. Esser, det. coll. MMG) and the website of the Muséum national d’histoire naturelle Paris ( for Q. marcosi and Reuter (1900), Helioevaara and Vaisanen (1983), Pettersson and Nilsson (1986), Lammes and Rinne (1990), Roth and Coulianos (2014), Hagglund et al. (2015), Heikkala et al. (2017), Heikkala (pers. com.), Martikainen (pers. com.), Artportalen Sveden ( and Kirishenko (1951) for A. angularis. Please note that data points in the European part of Russia represent the centre of each Oblast in which the species has been recorded.

  Part of: Gossner MM, Heckmann R, Moretti M (2018) From the South and from the North? – Quilnus marcosi Heiss & Baena and Aradus angularis J. Sahlberg, two flat bug species new for Central Europe (Hemiptera, Heteroptera, Aradidae). Alpine Entomology 2: 7-14.