Two flat bug (Aradidae) species new to Central Europe, sampled in the burnt forest site in Leuk, Valais, Switzerland. (A) Male of Aradus angularis J. Sahlberg, 1886, sampled with a “Combi-trap” at 1730 m a.s.l. in June 2013 (sampling period 21 May to 23 June), leg. MM, det. coll. RH. Characteristic for the species are the size, the very thin antennae and the elongated body with the almost parallel outer margins of the wings and the form of the male genital structures. (B) Stenoptere male and juvenile of Quilnus marcosi Heiss & Baena, 2006, sampled under the bark of a burnt pine (Pinus sylvestris) tree at 1480 m a.s.l. on 1 June 2017, leg. det. coll. MMG. Characteristic for the species within the genus are the small size, the rounded apical corners of the pronotum and the form of the male genital structures. Photo credits: Gerhard Strauß.

  Part of: Gossner MM, Heckmann R, Moretti M (2018) From the South and from the North? – Quilnus marcosi Heiss & Baena and Aradus angularis J. Sahlberg, two flat bug species new for Central Europe (Hemiptera, Heteroptera, Aradidae). Alpine Entomology 2: 7-14.