Photographs of the burnt site in Leuk, Valais, Switzerland: (A) Detail of the forest in 2003, one month after the fire; (B) Overview in August 2013 and (C) Detail of the site incl. Combi-trap in April 2013 (Aradus angularis J. Sahlberg, 1886 was sampled in June 2013); (D) Surrounding and (E) detail of the burnt pine tree (Pinus sylvestris) on which Quilnus marcosi Heiss & Baena, 2006 was detected in 2017 under one of a few remaining bark pieces. Photo credits: A: Marco Moretti, B, E: Beat Wermelinger, C: Martin Obrist, D: Martin M. Gossner.

  Part of: Gossner MM, Heckmann R, Moretti M (2018) From the South and from the North? – Quilnus marcosi Heiss & Baena and Aradus angularis J. Sahlberg, two flat bug species new for Central Europe (Hemiptera, Heteroptera, Aradidae). Alpine Entomology 2: 7-14.