Variability of the sensory peg setae arrangement on the underside of the parameral apex in Quedius obliqueseriatus. Numbers correspond to the specimen code in the Suppl. material 1: table S2 that consists of the locality code (from 1 to 29, also used in Fig. 1) and sequential number of a specimen from a given locality. Purple dots indicate specimens from the western clade, orange dots indicate specimens from the eastern clade, as in Fig. 5. Scale bar: 0.25 mm.

  Part of: Gebremeskel A, Salnitska M, Krivosheeva V, Solodovnikov A (2023) Micro-endemism pattern and Wolbachia infection of Quedius obliqueseriatus (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae), a montane rove beetle endemic of the North-Western Caucasus. Alpine Entomology 7: 153-166.