Optimal time windows to maximize potential species richness in entomological surveys for 3 taxa at 3 altitudinal levels assuming between 1 and 5 surveys each. The mean of the 2003–2022 period is represented with a white dot, the colored bars represent the standard deviation. A single survey aiming at maximizing the potential species richness of butterflies in the lowland (lower left sub-figure) would have to take place between weeks 26 and 30 of the year (first half of July). If two surveys are planned, then they should ideally take place on week 23 (early June ±1 week) and on week 28 (mid-July ±2 weeks).

  Part of: Pellet J (2023) Planning insect surveys in alpine ecosystems. Alpine Entomology 7: 201-204. https://doi.org/10.3897/alpento.7.110958