External structures of Nebria taketoi and N. kobushicola sp. nov. A, E. N. taketoi holotype male from Mikurigaike; B, F, J. N. taketoi male from Murodôdaira; I. N. taketoi female from Murodôdaira; C, G, K. N. kobushicola holotype male from Mount Kobushigatake; D, H. N. kobushicola paratype male from Mount Aka; A–D. Habitus, in dorsal view; E–H. Pronotum, in dorsal view; I–K. Elytral base around the median line in dorsal (I, K) and left dorsolateral (J) views, showing the variation [present (yellow arrows) or absent (no arrow)] in setigerous puncture on stria 1.

  Part of: Sasakawa K (2023) Taxonomic study of the alpine carabid beetle Nebria (Falcinebria) taketoi Habu, 1962 (Coleoptera, Carabidae). Alpine Entomology 7: 185-194. https://doi.org/10.3897/alpento.7.109855