Bayesian majority-rule consensus COI tree including Cloeon vanharteni and C. peregrinator. Tips labelled with MN codes indicate sequences retrieved from GenBank, other codes represent newly obtained sequences from our samples. Bolded labels indicate sequences derived from Moroccan specimens, with the C. vanharteni Moroccan specimen highlighted in red. The B229 code represents a sequence originating from a specimen collected in Israel. Colored vertical boxes indicate species delimitation according to the ASAP method, with the corresponding species name next to each box. Circles on branches indicate Bayesian posterior probabilities > 0.95. The outgroup branch (Procloeon stagnicola) is presented in grey, along with its corresponding tip label and species name.

  Part of: Benlasri M, Vuataz L, Gattolliat J-L, Beermann AJ, Le├čner H, El Alami El Moutaouakil M, Ghamizi M, Berger E (2023) First report of Cloeon vanharteni Gattolliat & Sartori, 2008 (Baetidae, Ephemeroptera) in the Maghreb. Alpine Entomology 7: 143-152.